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12. Internal notifications

Internal notifications are internal notifications displayed on certain occasions.

All settings here are pretty self-explanatory and can either be true or false.

  • NOTIFY_EVENTS: Shows notifications only visible to admins about LittleLink Custom. These notifications are mostly meant for development notifications or information about possible security vulnerabilities, so we advise keeping this setting enabled.

  • NOTIFY_UPDATES: Displays a small message on the Admin Panel, only visible to admins, if a new version has been released.

  • DISPLAY_FOOTER: Displays a footer consisting of a link to the Landing page as well as a terms, privacy and contact notice. These notices can be changed on the Admin Panel.

  • DISPLAY_CREDIT: This setting displays a little “Powered by LittleLink Custom” notice on some pages.

Last update: 2022-11-29
Created: 2022-11-29
Authors: MagicLike