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Overview of LittleLink Custom

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The plug-and-play approach to LittleLink, with advanced features.
The open-source alternative to LinkTree and similar.

Welcome to the LittleLink Custom Documentation!


LittleLink Custom provides you with a website similar to Linktree. Many social media platforms only allow you to add one link, with this you can simply link to your LittleLink Custom page and have all the links you want displayed on one site. You can share all your links to your social media platform or important links to easy accessible and hosted on your own web-server or web-hosting provider. On this website, other users can register and create their own links, you can access other user via the Admin Panel.


LittleLink Custom is a fork of LittleLink Admin with a set goal of making the admin panel easier to use and setup, for inexperienced and first-time user's, with the addition of many custom features themed around customization for the individual users, LittleLink pages.

LittleLink Custom was made for the purpose of making LittleLink as well as LittleLink Admin easier to use and setup, by people who have never coded before nor have extensive web hosting knowledge. This project is set up in a way that you can just drag and drop the LittleLink Custom directory onto your web host's root directory without ever having to touch the source code or deal with pesky terminal commands.

In addition to an easier setup process, this fork adds many custom features for an improved and more feature rich user experience. All UI pages feature a dark mode, which automatically applies if your operating system's or browser theme is set to dark. LittleLink Custom adds light unobtrusive CSS animations for an aesthetically pleasing responsive design. Many small changes like this have been implemented that add up to a substantial feature set that sets LittleLink Custom apart from other forks.


If you like our work, you can support LittleLink Custom here. If you choose to support LittleLink Custom, you will get exclusive rewards such as access to a private LittleLink Custom instance hosted by us at for free.

Last update: 2023-02-08
Created: 2022-11-29
Authors: MagicLike (86.67%), MagicLike (13.33%)